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Missouri Lawyers Weekly Names Mae Quinn a Legal Champion

 Missouri Lawyers Weekly has named MacArthur Justice Center at St. Louis Director Mae Quinn a 2017 Legal Champion. She was recognized for her distinguished career, spanning 20 years, as a public interest lawyer, litigator and staunch advocate for those who most need legal representation. 

From Missouri Lawyers Weekly:

“'Given my background, seeing a lot of what I saw in my own family and in my own community, I just had a deep desire from early on to stand up for those who are frequently marginalized, who don’t have resources, whose voices aren’t heard,' she said.

Originally, she thought that would mean working with victims of domestic violence. But in law school, when she was working in her first case in a legal clinic, she had to represent an alleged batterer.

'I saw things are sometimes more complicated than they seem at first blush,' she said. 'Even people accused of not so great things deserve to have someone with them in their corner.'”

*-Excerpt shared with permission from Missouri Lawyers Weekly. Read the full article here

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