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The St. Louis American: MO Parole Board Member Don Ruzicka Resigns

The St. Louis American reports on the MacArthur Justice Center's call for Governor Eric Greitens to meaningfully reform the Missouri Parole Board in light of "parole bingo" investigation, and Don Ruzicka's subsequent resignation: 

"Missouri Parole Board member Don Ruzicka resigned June 12, after a report from a local civil-rights law firm revealed his penchant for playing “word games” with inmates while determining whether they would stay in prison or walk free.

Ruzicka, along with an unnamed parole analyst, had been spending time during parole hearings trying to get inmates to guess a given “word of the day,” instead of asking questions relevant to the case. The “words of the day” included terms such as “armadillo,” “platypus,” and “hootenanny,” and even song titles like “Hound Dog” by Elvis, and “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash, according to the Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center report. Ruzicka could not be reached for comment Tuesday...

'Contempt for fair processes was not only demonstrated by Ruzicka’s outrageous conduct,” Quinn said. “Disturbingly, other parole board members and staff, who were long-aware of these antics, did nothing. Such actions are part of a larger culture of cover-up and disregard for meaningful process within our prison system.'”

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