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Calling All (Co)-Counsel: Where Do We Go From Here?

In the Spring 2017 issue of "Memphis Law Magazine," Mae Quinn writes about how the landmark In re Gault Supreme Court decision continues to shape the juvenile justice landscape in "Calling All (Co)-Counsel: Where Do We Go From Here?" 

"Fifty years after the Gault decision we are still waiting for many states and localities to deliver on the promises of that case. Worse, under the current federal administration we risk losing precious ground that has been gained in recent years...

Although officials in Missouri did not fight as hard as Mississippi's, they were not as quick to embrace change as stakeholders in Memphis. It took nearly two years for some kind of agreement to be reached. And even as it promised to undertake certain reforms, St. Louis County officials continued to disclaim any constitutional violations. To this day, although a promise to improve has been signed, seemingly little has changed in St. Louis County's juvenile court practices...

Gut on this 50th anniversary of Gault it may be time to return to the roots of the juvenile justice movement, where in the 1960s private attorneys and pro bono counsel were the ones who acted to advance the rights of Gerald Gault and yout like him – taking his case to the Arizona Supreme Court and then on to the United States Supreme Court."

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