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The St. Louis Record: MJC-STL Accuses City of St. Louis of Withholding Information on the Death of an Individual

The St. Louis Record reports on the MacArthur Justice Center's lawsuit against the City of St. Louis for its failure to provide records and reports relating to the mysterious death of Justin Ratcliff, a detainee who died at the City Department of Corrections’ Medium Security Institution - better known as “the Workhouse” – in December 2016:

"MacArthur Justice Center, St. Louis and Amy E. Breihan filed a complaint on July 7 in the St. Louis 22nd Judicial Circuit Court against the City of St. Louis, Department of Public Safety, Division of Corrections, Office of the Medical Examiner and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, alleging that the defendants violated the Missouri Sunshine Law, a state open records law.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs allege that detainee Justin Ratcliff died in Dec. 2016 while in the custody of the defendants. The plaintiffs claim that the agencies deliberately skirted their obligation to inform the public of the incident and produce records related to Ratcliff's detention and sudden death. Despite repeated efforts to obtain public records relating to the death of Ratcliff, the agencies allegedly have not provided a death certificate."

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