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St. Louis American: MJC-STL Suit Claims Interfering with an Officer Law is Unconstitutional

The St. Louis American reports on the MacArthur Justice Center at St. Louis's and American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri's Amici Curiae brief regarding St. Louis County's "interfering with an officer law" filed in the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District:

"The brief was submitted on behalf of audiologist Koach Baruch Frazier and faith leader Melissa Bennett, who were arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest outside of the Ferguson Police station in 2014. It argues that Section 701.110 of the St. Louis County Ordinances, under which the two protesters were arrested, violates two fundamental constitutional principles.

'The historical context for the passage of this provision is important when considering its constitutionality,' said Mae C. Quinn, Director of the MacArthur Justice Center’s St. Louis office. 'And we believe continuing to embrace its outdated terms and goals is wrong. Growing out of a time when law enforcement equated demonstrations with rebellions, and saw the only appropriate response as one rooted in dominance, intimidation, and arrest – Section 701.110 is out of step with modern thinking.'"

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Keywords: Ferguson, First Amendment, free speech, press, protesters, St. Louis County

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