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MacArthur Justice Center Takes Missouri Prison and Parole System to Task Again – Sues Over State’s Failure to Provide Process or Lawyers before Revoking Parole

The MacArthur Justice Center at St. Louis (MJC-STL) filed a federal class action lawsuit yesterday in the Western District of Missouri, alleging the Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC) and its Division of Probation and Parole (Parole Board) have been ignoring decades-old constitutional standards in conducting parole revocation proceedings.  In doing so MDOC and the Parole Board have been unlawfully re-incarcerating thousands of people each year.

Class Action Certified Against Missouri Department of Corrections for Denial of Care for Detainees with Chronic Hepatitis C

A federal judge has certified that a lawsuit challenging the Missouri Department of Corrections’ (MDOC) systematic denial of medication to inmates with chronic Hepatitis C (HCV) can move forward as a class action.

Favorable Ruling for Missouri Inmates Challenging Lack of Treatment for Hepatitis C

A judge has rejected arguments made by the Missouri Department of Corrections seeking to throw out a lawsuit regarding the department’s inhumane treatment of inmates suffering from Hepatitis C. The MacArthur Justice Center in St. Louis and the ACLU of Missouri filed the lawsuit demanding potentially life-saving treatments on behalf incarcerated inmates.

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